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Antipasto della casa
Ham, Salami, Fresh bacon, Lard, Pickles€7,00
Antipasto del Pastore
Fiocco ham, Pecorino, truffle hot cheese,
typical chease, nut and jam
Antipasto la Piazzetta
Antipasto della casa + Antipasto del Pastore€15,00
Chease Roulette
Tuscany cheases selection with jam$7,00

First Course

Tordelli al ragù
Typical ravioli with meet sauce€8,00
Chicche with season flavour
Potatoes gnocchi with fresh vegetables€7,00
Zuppa alla frantoiana
Vegetables soup with lard cream on toasted bread€7,00
Tagliatelle ai funghi porcini
Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms€7,00
Zuppa di farro e fagioli
Farro and bean soup with field’s herbs€7,00

Main Course

Tagliata di Manzo
Sliced steak cooked in wood oven. min. 800gr.€3,50/hg.
Filetto di Manzo
300g Beef tenderloin in wood oven€5,00/hg.
Pork ribs€7,00
Grigliata mista
Sausage, wurstel, pork chop and ribs€8,00
Bistecca di maiale
Pork steak in wood oven€7,00
Baked chease
Baked cheese with tuffle oil and black peppercorns€7,00

Side Dishes

Green salad
Green salad€3,50
Mixed salad
Salad, carots, mushrums, tomato€4,00
French fried
steak fries€3,50
Spinach and Chard
Vegetables sauteed with olive oil and garlic€3,50
Funghi Trifolati
Sauteed Mushrooms€5,00
Mushroom cap
Mushroom cap into wood oven with oil and garlic€5,00/hg.
Desserts menu

DessertThe sweet Tuscany is here

Tartufo al forno
Truffle ice cream in wood oven€4,00
Sorbetto al limone
Cooled Lemon cream€3,50
Mattonella crema e cioccolato
Vanilla icecream with ciocolate€3,50
creme brulè
Vanilla cream with caramelized sugar€3,50
Cooled Lemon cream with vodka€3,50
Panna cotta with soft fruits€3,50
Creme caramel
Creme caramel€3,50
Coccetto di doriano
Panna cotta with honey, almonds and nut in wood oven€5,00
Drinks menu

WineDiscover our wines

Red Wine

Collepino – Banfi
Merlot and Sangiovese€10,00
Col Di sasso 0,50cc. – Banfi
Merlot and Sangiovese€6,00
Brunello di momtalcino riserva
fatt. Banfi – Sangiovese€65,00
Brunello di montalcino – banfi
fatt. Banfi – Sangiovese€40,00
Brunello di montalcino – barbi
fatt. Banfi – Sangiovese€35,00
Rosso di montalcino – barbi
fatt. Banfi – Sangiovese€35,00
chianti classico
Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot€13,00
Belnero – banfi
Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot€22,00
Aska bolgheri rosso
Cabernet Sauvignon e Cabernet Franc.€25,00
Emilio I – terre del marchesato – Bolgheri
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot e Syrah.€19,00
Inedito – terre del marchesato – Bolgheri
Merlot e Sirah€14,00
Zizzolo – fornacelle – bolgheri
Merlot e Cabernet Sauvignon€15,00
Colvecchio – Banfi
Syrah – produzione Toscana€24,00
Syrah – cusumano
Syrah – produzione Sicilia€15,00
Villa Sardi – colline lucchesi
Sangiovese, Cannaiolo, merlot€14,00
Villa Sardini – colline lucchesi
Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo, Merlot, Syrah€13,00

White & Rosè Wine

le rime – banfi
Chardonnay e Pinot Grigio€10,00
La Pettegola – Banfi
Fontanelle – Banfi
Sant’angelo – Banfi
Pinot Grigio€20,00
Il Grillo
Grillo – produzione Sicilia€15,00
Prosecco doc
Glera, Pinot, Chardonnay€13,00
centine rosè -banfi
Sangiovese, Merlot e Cabernet Sauvignon€13,00
Drinks menu

Other DrinksFrom artigianl Beers to Distillated

Beers & Soft Drinks

Bruton – white- 0,75cc.
A Pale,opalescent beer made from a large percentage of spelt coming from Garfagnana region and un-malted wheat. Characterised by a fresh acidity and having coriander and orange peel accents€15,00
Bruton – 0,75cc.
Light, opalescent beer, with white, creamy and persistent froth. Produced with a good percentage of wheat, light hopping and delicate spicing, Bruton is a fresh, fruity beer, very enjoyable to drink. It is good as a starter and with delicate courses.€15,00
Bruton – Stoner – 0,75cc.
Strong ale with a deep gold colour, produced with a blend of malt barley, wheat and rye and candied sugar added during cooking. Slightly opalescent, with white, persistent and creamy froth. It is strong and full-bodied, but also fresh and fruity, with a dry and persistent final taste, slightly hopped and a well balanced alcoholicity. Good for several couplings… best for real thirst€15,00
Bruton – lilith – 0,75cc.
Amber beer inspired by English bitter, and a strong American “cascade” hop, Lilith is clear with light beige, dense and persistent froth. The fresh fruity citrus scent gives it a taste of grapefruit and resin, balanced with appealing candied malts and a bitter final to leave your mouth dry and clean, ready for further sips. An arrogant beer, but also delicate and refreshing.€15,00
Forst – blonde
Alto Adige – blonde beer €5,00 – €4,00
Forst – red
Alto Adige – red beer€5,00 – €4,00
coca cola
medium – little€4,00 – €3,00
Fanta and other tin


ron pampero aniversario
ron Zacapa 23
 Ron Agricolo – Guatemala€5,00
whiskey -Talisker
Island Single Malts Scotch whisky€5,00
whiskey – lagavulin
Scotch whisky single malt€6,00
Brandy – France€8,00
Grappa di brunello
From brunello di montalcino€5,00
Limon liqueur€2,50